Monday, December 31, 2007

Grace's First Birthday

December is a busy month in the Harline home. The last 8 days of the year we celebrate our anniversary, Christmas, and Grace's birthday.

Friday night we had a family birthday party for her. She got so many fun gifts! The birthday theme was Elmo, her favorite friend. Mandy made Elmo cup cakes. Grace loved them as you can see by the mess... and of course her several chins. ;)

Today is actually her birthday. Mandy and I went into Grace's room when she woke up to sing her happy birthday - that was at 11:00 am. She slept for 15 hours last night. What a gift to her parents. Anyway, she wasn't sure what to think of us singing her happy birthday so early in the morning.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas

What a wonderful and special Christmas we had! It was so special because it was Haylee AND Grace's first Chirstmas! How fun!! Grace, of course, didn't really udnerstand what was going on, but loved all of the wrapping paper! And Haylee just slept the day away! What a blessing to have happy, healthy, and beautiful little babies!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Haylee's Slideshow

My sister Sarah took newborn pictures of Haylee when she was in town for Thanksgiving. Check out the sweet slideshow she made us. Thanks Sarah, you did an awesome job.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Haylee

Haylee is here! That's right, our second child in a year arrived on November 16 at 6:08 PM. She was eager to get here - born at 35 weeks (although the doctor didn't think she was even that far along). Her weight was 5 lbs 15 oz and she was 18 inches long. Like her big sister, she had a luxurious stay in Memorial Hermann's NICU. We are glad Haylee is doing better and home with us now. Mandy is doing real well. Her recovery this time is going a lot better than last. She is my hero.

Grace is still getting used to Haylee. She is not sure what to think of this little thing that takes so much of mom and dad's time. I've been able to take some time off of work until we can get used to the new schedule. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Growing Gracie

Grace has been showing off quite a bit lately. She is so proud off her self so usually after she does something, she'll stop and clap then wait for us to start clapping too. We are loving this age. She is so much fun.

This video is the premier appearance of her: 1) 4 teeth 2) crawling up the stairs 3) saying Da Da. Not that big of a deal but her parents think so.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Our First Home - The Improvements

Mandy and I bought our first home in Kingwood, TX last March. We recently had our first girl, Grace, and were ready to get out of our 3rd story apartment. By a stroke of genius Mandy was able to tie Grace's abnormally frequent ear infections to our smoking neighbors that for some reason had a shared an aircondition duct with us. A note from our pediatrition got us out of our apartment and into a beautiful home. Since then we have done a lot of cool things to this house:

1. Paint EVERY room except the game room and laundry room.

2. Fix up the "Man Cave". Added workbench, shelving, dart board, and tools storage.

3. Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping.

3. Coat Closet Before:

Coat Closet Part 1: Running DVI, USB, Stereo audio, and RCA video from office to TV room.

Coat Closet Part 2: Sheetrock, 2 new lights, mud, tape, lights, paint, and carpet.

4. Attic: we added a light and about 500 ft3 of decking to be able to use it as storage.

Friday, October 5, 2007

HEllo Old Friends!!

Here's my beautiful family and our new blog!
Mandy Nabors (now Mandy Harline as of December 2005)

Harline Timeline - 2003 to present

Mandy and I finally broke down and decided to start a blog. A lot has happened in our family in the last 5 years like meeting, marrying, and having a couple of kids. We've made a timeline to help catch all you up on the Bruce and Mandy Harline Family.