Sunday, April 19, 2009

We love Easter...and America!

Yay! We're back in America for a little visit! It feels so good to be home! Some good family friends hosted a little kids Easter egg hunt at thier house and invited Haylee & Grace. Grandma Marilyn (Bruce's mom) and Auntie Janelle came with us for the fun. We all had a really great time! (Not to mention that the backyard was like a child's retreat paradise with tons of trees, a trampoline, a huge in-ground sandbox, an enormous jungle gym & swingset!!)

Grace on the hunt....

Haylee just wanted to eat the candy

Grandma Marilyn trying to teach the girls to actually pick the eggs up and not just look at them!

All the kids waiting in the front yard for the Easter Bunny to visit the back yard
Hi, Gracie!

Haylee loved the slide and felt so big!

Grace really surprised me at how adventurous she was climbing to the top of the jungle gym to go down the big curly slide!

Auntie Janelle is so fun!

Grandma Marilyn showing Haylee how to play on the slide
Gracie & Grandma
Haylee clapping with Auntie Janelle

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Bunnies!

It was great to spend Easter back at home this year. Gracie and Haylee really enjoyed the festivities - especially Grace. It didn't take them long to figure out that there was candy and treats inside the plastic eggs! They loved it. The Easter Bunny brought them bunny ears which they also loved. Grace hopped around my parent's house saying, "Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy!!!"

"Here, let me help you out with those jelly beans, sis...."

If you haven't seen Marley & Me, you need to!! It's such a cute, family friendly movie.