Wednesday, July 16, 2008

haylee's photo shoot

I decided to take some pictures of Haylee by herself. I feel bad because we have thousands of pictures of Grace when she was a baby, but not many of Haylee. She is such a cute little monkey and is obviously not shy of the camera!!

baby, it's cold outside

Who would have thought it would be so cold right on the beach in Australia??!! We have to "rug up" (American translation: bundle up) most every time we go outside. We are really looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather! We've been told it starts to warm up in October. Until then...brrrrr.....

little buddies

Gracie and Haylee have started playing together and I love every minute of it! It's so cute! (Not to mention it gives me a few spare minutes without a little monkey on my hip!!) They are really beginning to enjoy one makes all the craziness worth it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Footy anyone??

Bruce and I went to a "Footy" game (American translation: rugby) last week and had a really great time. Bruce got tickets through his work and we sat about 8 rows from the field! It was fun...we especially loved all of the drunk Aussie's all around us. What a treat....

I got a babysitter to come over for the evening and then hopped on the train into the city. Bruce met me at the train station and then we walked to the dome. We rode the train home and I must admit that was the most enjoyable part of the night! We got to sit next to each other in the quiet - only maybe 10 other people were on the train - and laugh and talk the entire way home. Very relaxing and hard to come by these days!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

favorite time of the day

The girls love bath time. They both know right after dinner they get a bath - Grace will actually head straight for the tub after we get her down from her high chair!! They enjoy taking a bath together. There have been a few times when we haven't bathed Haylee with Grace and Grace will say, "Sis? Sis?" and look around for Haylee. So cute!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

we hate sleep

Okay, not really. Bruce & I love sleep, but it seems as though we hate it because we never get any of it! Here's a question for all you parents out there: why do we (fellow parents) not go to be straight away after putting our kids in bed? Why do we stay up and waste time doing ridiculous things like watching TV, blogging, or cleaning? Before we know it, it's midnight and you have to get up like 4 hours later to begin another day.'d think we could figure this one out, right?? Is it just the Harline family who seems to never get any sleep?