Monday, August 25, 2008

Top 10

A good friend of mine did a "Top 10" of her little girls on her blog and I thought it was a really fun idea (thanks, Carri!) I'm doing it, too!


10. She loves to be outside.

9. Her favorite foods right now are blueberries and grilled cheese.

8. She is becoming so sassy - which we think is adorable (but don't tell her that!)

7. She loves animals...especially dogs.

6. She is so polite and says "peeze" and "day do".

5. She loves taking a bath and calls it a "bafie".

4. She has very tender feelings and gets them hurt easily.

3. She loves Haylee and when she cries, Grace quickly brings her her lovey and binkie.

2. She gives hugs and kisses to me, Daddy, and Haylee all the time.

1. She is such a great sleeper!


10. She has the funniest, craziest, stringiest hair and we love it.

9. She loves to look at herself in the mirror...and really likes what she sees.

8. She can eat like nobody's business.

7. She whispers "da da da..." like she has a big secret to tell.

6. She scrunches her nose when she laughs and smiles.

5. Her favorite food right now is mac & cheese.

4. She still has that new baby smell.

3. She is a snuggle bug.

2. She is so pleasant and content to do anything and go anywhere.

1. She couldn't be more in love with Grace.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Haylee's first cookie!

We gave Haylee her first big girl cookie tonight. She obviously loved it! I can't believe how big she is. Someone in the store asked me how old she was and I couldn't believe I was telling them she's 9 months old! How can that be??!! She's supposed to be my teeny,tiny little baby!

Fun Saturday

So many choices!!

Kissing the bear's heart before putting it in. So cute!

Grace was a little hesitant to put the heart in her bear. The nice lady with a large lip ring through her bottom lip had to do some sweet talking.

Washing, brushing, and picking out clothes for her bear. No kidding...she loved this! Who knew??!!

We had a really great Saturday this past weekend. It started off with the little girls laying down at the same time for their naps (which NEVER happens!) and they both slept for 3 1/2 hours!!!!!! Hooray!!! So, Bruce and I also slept. It was wonderful!

After we all got up from our naps, we went to a mall towards the city. We had fun walking around and the girls enjoyed all of the activity. We noticed there was a Build A Bear Workshop, so we decided to let Grace make a bear. She had a fantastic time and loved it much more than Bruce and I thought she would!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

by the way, haylee....

Okay, so I know this is sorta gross, but itwas just too funny and too cute to let pass by. Today at lunch, Haylee was eating some of those Gerber apple and banana puffs. One of them got stuck to her little boogery upper lip and stayed there for almost 15 mintues while she just carried on about eating her lunch. It was so funny!! I seriously laughed and laughed! At one point, I told her, "By the way, miss Haylee, you've got a piece of food stuck to your you not feel that??" I suppose she was saving it for her afternoon snack....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Reunion

Me & my sister, Janelle, going down the Animas River. We had a blast!!!

Go, Bruce, go!

Grace & Haylee enjoying the family picnic.

I love this picture. It's 4 generations: my grandma, my mom , me, Haylee & Grace.

What beautiful mountains!

Gracie & Mommy at Purgatory Ski Resort.

Daddy & Gracie looking for a good fishing spot in the river.

Sweet Haylee!!

"Where's Papa?"

Papa and Mimi with the grand-babies.

Bruce & I getting ready to go down the Alpine Slide at Purgatory. So much fun!!

We had such a good time together!

Gracie & her cousin, Emma. Best little buddies!

Beautiful Molas Lake.

We made the 40+ hour (one way) trip back to America for my family reunion. It was worth every bit of the traveling!! We had a fantastic time!!! We are all originally from Durango, Colorado and my grandma still lives there, so it's the perfect place to all be together. Oh, it felt so good to be there! Isn't family wonderful??!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good advice...

For those of who who get the Ensign magazine from church, you may have already seen this little article in the July issue. The piece is titled, "Try to say YES!"

It suggests to respond to your children's day-to-day requests with 'Yes' - then add a conditional clause, if needed. For example..."Mom, can I have a cookie?" ... "Yes, but let's get them out for dessert after dinner to share with the family." ..... Instead of, "No. You have to eat your dinner."

I really like this idea! I find myself telling Gracie 'no' so much of the day - I think it's such a more positive way of going about things. I'm always up for a better way of doing things!

Friday, August 8, 2008

is this healthy???

I'm just it healthy - and normal - for my little 18 month-old Gracie to want to watch "High School Musical" instead of "Sesame Street" or "Dora the Explorer"??
For those of you who are familiar (I know you are, Jen S.!!) On HSM 2, there's a song called 'Fabulous' where the snob of the group is singing about how she "needs more". At a point in the song, she sings: "...I need, I need...I need, I need....I need fabulous..." Grace loves this part and follows by singing: "I eee, I eee. I eee, I eee..."

It's so hilarious to watch her get into the movie. She loves it!!!! Am I ruining her?? :)