Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We love the beach!!!

After church, we like to walk down to the beach for a family outing. It's only about a 7 minute walk from our front door. We are very spoiled!!! We love it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

LITTLE brother & sister??

Many of you know my littlest brother and sister: Kyle & Keisha. They are the life of our family and such good kids. I am so proud of them and the choices they have made so far. It's so difficult to be a teenager!! When I think about my little Gracie and Haylee growing up into teenagers, I hope they will be just like Kyle and Keish.

Life is good

A week ago today it marked a month that we have been here in Australia. We miss our family and friends like crazy. Deodorant doesn't seem to be as widely used as in the good 'ol US-of-A. Grocery stores don't have dinner in a box - just add water. My whole cooking plan is out the window. I might have to really learn to cook.

Despite all of that, life is great here! Since we have moved into our home and received our air shipment we are a lot more settled. The town we live in is great. Everything is so close. I walk to the train station. The bakery, grocery store, fruit stand, and a lot of little restaurants are right there in the city center. It is a cyclist's dream here. Every road has a bike lane. My office has more bike racks than car parking spots. We have a shower and a gym on the second floor. Aww, if only I was in shape to be able to ride... well, I'm going to be. Give me a couple of months after my bikes get here. People are so nice. Since we have started going to church, everyone has invited us into their home and made us feel so welcome. Church is extremely enjoyable to go to. For the first time in a while I actually looked at my watch and thought "darn, only 5 minutes to go." This could also be due to the fact that Grace has been going to nursery and she loves it. I think the best thing about here is that we are doing so many things as a family. Since it is just us, we stick together. Grace and Haylee are playing so well. Grace goes into Haylee's room every morning and says "hi, sis." Haylee sits in her Bumbo chair and just watches and laughs as Grace plays. Mandy can't keep her eyes and hands off of me... well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. We are going on date this Friday for the first time in a while. Life is great. We feel so blessed to have the life we do.