Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yay!!! My family is in Australia!!!!

Dad, Mom, Kyle, & Keisha came to visit us! Yay! We had such a great time! From the minute they got here I was already sad about the fact that they'd have to leave :) We did so many fun things and went so many fun places...these are pictures of our day on Shipwreck Coast. We did the hike down to the anchors and had a picnic lunch on the beach. The tide had been high, so there were millions of beautiful seashells to take home!

Mom and me hiking down to the beach

Grace digging for seashells and sea rocks in one of the many gorgeous rock pools

Picnic time. Eating always makes me happy :)

This picture is hilarious...can you tell what's going to happen next to Kyle?!?

Kyle rock climbing

Gracie, Bruce, Haylee, Dad (Papa), me, & Mom (Mimi)

This pic is also hilarious of me. Thanks to our sweet baby-number-3-to-be, I started feeling really nauseated and dizzy on our hike. So, yah, this is me with my head in between my knees.

A rock pool. This were just beautiful and quite deep. This one was probably at least 3 feet deep

My camera sticks out a little further these days. We are excited!

I love, love this picture!

Picking up seashells. The weather warmed up a little, so Grace wanted her hat off. Mom saw it as a great bag to hold all her seashells in :)

Beautiful Keisha!
We were the ONLY people on the entire stretch of coast, so the sand was perfectly untouched.

Such a great photo of Kyle, Keish, Mom ,& Dad. Funny, too, because they were really holding on to eachother because of the slippery rocks. This anchor has been there since the early 1800's and has grown into the rock.
Love this

Grace wanting to climb all over the anchor. She could take it down in minutes, I'm sure :)

Mimi tickling Gracie with a seagull feather. Grace loved it!

Haylee crawling in the sand. 16 months old and still no interest in walking!!

My Mom is great :)

The waves coming in crashing against the rocks was so loud, but beautiful!

Digging for seashells in the rock pools

Keisha and Kyle showing some sibling love - trying to push the other one down in the water

We had our picnic on these rocks

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twelve Apostles Coastline

Can you spot the two koalas?

Mom, Gracie, & Me

One of the Twelve Apostles along the coast

Cutie pie Gracie

Haylee, Dad, Mom, Grace, Keisha, & Kyle

Walking along the coast


Gracie & Daddy

Kyle went out to the rock on dry land and a huge wave came in stranding him. It was funny!
Keisha also getting caught by the big wave that came in!

Some of the Twelve Apostle formations. You can see one that fell.

Mimi, Gracie, Haylee, & Papa

Papa & Miss Haylee

This place is so beautiful. Pictures don't begin to give it justice!

Arriving in Port Campbell

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our little fairy

Gracie was invited to a fairy birthday party for her little friend, Sienna, who was turning 4. Grace was the youngest at the party by about 3 years, so she was both overwhelmed and in awe at all the action!

Brooke, Grace, Lily, & Sienna

Birthday girl, Sienna, and Brooke

Grace not sure what to do.....

She ate so much sugar in 2 hours....good thing my brother is a dentist!

This is fairy bread. It's a staple for every Aussie child's birthday party - boy or girl. It's actually totally gross...all it is is white bread, TONS of butter, and sprinkles.
Grace sitting next to the birthday girl!