Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Car

We bought a car. Since we live out in the burbs we decided to get one. It might get 10 miles a week on it but will be nice to have to travel around Australia.

Check it out. A 2005 Holden Vectra Hatchback. A pretty stylish car for a mommy with 2 babies. Notice on what side the steering wheel is on. That's right everyone drives on the wrong side of the road here too. Mandy has been and will be doing most of the driving. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life in the hotel

We have been living in a hotel for a week now. It isn't as glamorous as we'd thought. Yes the room and laundry service is nice. The 100 meter commute to my office is also enjoyable. It sure hasn't been easy on the girls, especially Grace. Glass tables, exposed cords, balconies, two separate hotel rooms, and remnants of previous residents isn't the best combination for children. The first incident was Grace's black eye after she hit the coffee table. Ouch. She bumped her head a couple more times and hurt her fingers, poor girl.

Lucky for Grace we found a house. Mandy went out looking for two days and found a great house just off the beach. It is in Sandringham, a 30 minute train ride to work. We can't wait to move in.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We Made it

Well after twenty four hours after getting to the Houston airport we landed in Melbourne. Were we ready for our hotels. Grace and Haylee both let us know it. The flight from Houston to LA was horrible. I just about abandoned ship there at LAX. Haylee did well but Grace didn't sleep or stay still the entire flight. We overheard a guy in front of us rudely say, " aren't babies supposed to ride in coach." She crashed just as the plane touched down in LA. Everything went a lot smoother after that point. Mandy later told me she said a very heartfelt pray. Prayers are answered. Miracles do happen.

They slept through getting loaded in the stroller, pushed all through the airport, check in, security, and until we got on the plane. Grace fell asleep after dinner was served. She got up every once and a while to play. We got to know everyone around us really well because of her. Grace even introduced me to another ExxonMobil employee that knows my mom well. His office is 5 doors down from hers. Small world. When she wasn't walking around she was playing in her very own business class seat.

Haylee - the baby that didn't sleep the first 3 1/2 months of her life. Well she did GREAT! In the 15 hour flight she was out of her bassinet twice. It totaled to maybe an hour. She is doing so well. At the hotel they cried until we laid them down. They slept for 16 hours each. Poor girls.