Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So clever

Grace has a little pink step stool and has figured out what a step stool is used for. She picks it up and puts it next to the kitchen cupboards to get a peek on top of the counter. She'll scan the countertops until she spots something she wants. So funny!


Challburg said...

Karli does that too! It makes me so crazy. Nothing is safe anymore. She has also figured out where the sharp knives are (I know, stupid of me to put them in a drawer) but she loves knives. Seriously, she is going to put me in the nut house before I am forty!

Love the reflection on the counter!

seeussmile.blogspot.com said...

Ummm....I LOVE this picture. You always take the cutest pictures of your girls!
I need you to teach me how you make your posts go on the left side of your page.....Mine are always in the center. Also how do you put multiple pictures in one post, like in a square?
Oh you talented mom, you!
e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog...THANKS!

Viegas-Haws said...

Your girls are just adorable. I love your new family picture. We are taking ours the day after Thanksgiving, wish us luck :)