Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy birthday to me :)

Yep. The big 31. Just for the record, turning 31 is more depressing than turning 30. So, for all of you young pups out there (my hubbie included) just keep that in mind :)

My birthday actually fell on a Sunday this year which was really nice and relaxing. My parents and mother-in-law (who are all in the same ward) go to church in the morning and we go in the afternoon. While we were still at church, they all came over to our house, cooked up homemade enchiladas and a beautiful salad & had it all ready and waiting when we got home. Yay and yummy!

We had cake, opened presents (I had lots of little helping hands!) & just spent time together. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.


taryn said...

Happy Birthday! I love the pic of you tucking your money away for safe keeping!

Jessica said...

Happy B to you! I'll be to the 31 in August. Maybe all us 31-ers can indulge in Baskin Robbins 31 flavors to ease into this one.