Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 1/2 months later....

10 1/2 months ago I had my third little daughter. Now, 10 1/2 months later, I still can't believe I am a mom to three little girls. Every day I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord for letting me take care of three of his most precious and beautiful children. How did I ever get so lucky??

Ava Ruby is such a little lover! She loves cuddles and kisses. She loves to giggle and flirt.
We are so in love with this baby!

It's a funny thing - love. It just grows and grows.
I can remember a conversation Bruce and I had after having Grace...we asked each other, "How can we ever love another child as much as we love Grace?!" But you do. And I would even say as you become more confident in your parenting abilities, you can love (and relax!) even more than before.

Ava has now finally decided to start crawling! It's now 3 for 3...all of our girls have been late crawlers. That's okay. I say take your time, little one. She growls when you ask her, "Ava, what does a tiger say?" Yeah, it's just about the cutest thing ever! We can thank her big sisters for teaching her that one :)
I love this picture of Bruce and Ava. I think they look so much alike. They have the same eyes. The same expressions. I love it.


janelle stubbs said...

i love love love these pictures, and miss Ava! i'm glad you have three gorgeous girls, too that i can be an auntie to :)